The Ultimate pull stud tool by V-Mar Machine

The Ultimate pull stud tool for the Haas style pull studs. Have you ever had a pull stud that you couldn't remove from the tool holder? Either someone used Loctite on it or overtightened it. Maybe it's been in there for decades and you can't get it loose.

Every other pull stud wrench I've ever used has a real hard time staying in place on the very narrow flats of the pull studs. Our brilliant solution to this age old problem is a split tool, that comletely surrounds the pull stud, using the knob at the top to keep the tool from slipping off the pull stud. For normal use, place the two halves of the tool around the pull stud, then turn it with a 1-1/4" wrench or a large adjustable wrench. For those really stubborn ones, place the V-Mar pull stud tool on the pull stud, then clamp it in a vise. Using a large spanner wrench and locked it into one of the notches on the side of the tool holder, unscrew the tool holder from the pull stud. I have yet to run across a pull stud that I was not able to remove using this method, and I have run across some very stubborn ones.

Made from hardened tool steel, we have a few of these around the shop that we have been using for over 10 years with no visible wear.

Pull Stud Tool

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