V-Mar 1/8" NPT Coolant Nozzle upgrade

Replacement coolant nozzle, 1/8" NPT thread to fit Haas milling machines with the coolant ring. Or any machine that uses 1/8" NPT threads.

Be sure to watch the short video. See the video here

We designed these nozzles to give a more focused coolant stream to direct a nice solid stream of coolant to the cutting edge.

The silver nozzles in the photos/video are the factory installed Haas nozzles and the red ones are these newly designed V-Mar nozzles. You can see the coolant stream from the silver nozzles break apart and become more of a splash when it reaches the cutting tool.

Red anodized to protect them from the elements.

Coolant Nozzle
Coolant Nozzle 5 pack

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