V-Mar 5C Collet Stop

We have designed what we feel is the best 5C collet stop available. Most of the collet stops on the market use a threaded rod for the work piece to bottom against. This is very slow to adjust and expensive if you need to make different size stops. Our collet stop uses simple 3/8" rod. Easy to get and very cheap. Adjusting the stop is also very fast, just loosen the pinch bolts, slide the rod to the desired position and snug up the pinch bolts.

We chose to use Torx-Plus (#27) bolts since these have the best fit, and are least likely to round or deform like an Allen head bolt. We assume these stops will be adjusted often, and the bolts being loosened and tightened many times, so we went with the best fasteners possible. An IP27 Torx-Plus bit is included. We suggest tightening the bolts to 6-9 ft/lbs. (72-108 in/lbs or 8.1-12.2Nm) using a torque wrench.

We offer the collet stop with a single 3/8" rod, or in a kit with 8 different size stops included.

The stop rods are turned down for 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8". They are all approx 0.010" under the nominal dimension. So if you are locating a 1/4" work piece, the stop rod is 0.240" so the collet does not clamp onto the stop rod, it will insure that the collet clamps the work piece. The 2 smaller rods are aluminum. The 3/8" rod is Stainless Steel. On the opposite end from the 3/8 (0.365") end the rod is machined to a drill point angle, so the larger stops will bottom out securely. (This can be seen in the section view CAD image)

The larger stops that fit onto the SS rod are 1/2", 3/4", and 1". And just like the rods, these are all slightly undersize, approx 0.010" - 0.020". (ie 0.490", 0.740", 0.990" etc)

NOTE: If the work piece is longer than the clamping section of the collet you can use any of the stops, the stepped down stop rods are only needed when the work piece is short and the stop rod needs to fit up into the clamping section of the collet. See the cutaway CAD diagram.

5C Collet Stop only
5C Collet Stop kit

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