V-Mar 1.5mm Serrated Soft Jaws for Kitagawa style power chucks

Precison machined soft jaws for Kitagawa style power chucks.

We have soft jaws for B204, B205, B206, B208, and B210 size chucks. Both standard dimensions using the Kitagawa specs and oversize jaws that are both taller and wider than the standard size jaws.

Made in the USA from 6061 aluminum and red anodized. Each set of 3 jaws are numbered 1-2-3 so you can clearly locate them in the proper location on the chuck each time.

Soft Jaws for B204
Soft Jaws for B206
Soft Jaws for B208
Oversize Soft Jaws for B208
Soft Jaws for B210

5% discount on multiple quantities. If you buy more than one set of jaws of a particular size you will receive a 5% discount on set number 2 on up. You will see this in the shopping cart listed as a discount. After clicking "Add to cart" you will be able to adjust the quantity in the shopping cart.

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