V-Mar Machine

V-Mar Machine is a full service CNC machine shop. We do 5 axis milling, turning, laser marking, automated saw cutting and inspection. We have a number of clients we run production jobs for on an ongoing basis. Several of our clients are other machine shops that bring us projects they would rather outsource. When these other machinists would visit our facility they would often comment on our fixturing and other tools and accessories we have been making for years for our in house use. They started asking if they could buy soft jaws and other items directly from us. And so the V-Mar Machine Shop website was born.

If our jaws and tools make your shop just a little bit more efficient, or saves you a few bucks, that's exactly why we built this website.

We have been selling our motorcycle accessories online for decades, so it was a no brainer to just expand the existing website to include the machine shop accessories.

Check out the V-Mar Racing motorcycle parts website here.