V-Mar 5C and 16C Collet wrenches

We thought about what could be the perfect collet wrench for our customers, and we came up with this one. They have a red anodized aluminum handle, with a key style fit between the handle and the wrench head. The head of this collet wrench is made from 4140 chromoly steel, so it's less likely won't bend or break under pressure. Also, its black oxide finish will keep it rust free in your toolbox or on your bench.

If you run into a collet that is stuck to the collet holder, place a piece or stock into the collet and give it a light tap side to side to knock it loose. Sometimes the threads can get jammed up with chips that make their way thru the slots in the collet. When you try to unscrew the collet it gets jammed up on the chips that get caught in the threads. Try spraying some lubricant (WD40 or similar) into the collet slots to try and flush them out, then place a wrench on the V-Mar collet wrench and work the collet back and forth to knock the chips loose and remove the collet.

5C collet wrench
16C collet wrench 3 blade
16C collet wrench 4 blade

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